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What is Shortsey?

Shortsey is an app that gives you advice based on the weather on how to dress for the weather every day. From the app you can also immediately order clothes so that your outfit is always complete.

How does Shortsey work?

When you first install the app, we will ask you a few questions. Think of 'name', 'gender', 'your clothing style' and 'lifestyle' etc. With this information we will ensure that you only receive clothing advice based on your style.

What will be done with my data?

Your data will only be used so that you receive personalized clothing advice in the app. In the webshop you will also see clothes that fit your style and lifestyle. You can always take a look at other clothing styles.

When will I receive my order?

This depends on where you placed your order, Shortsey does not sell products themselves, clothing stores use Shortsey to promote their products. Shortsey is not responsible if a product is damaged or not delivered.

I would like to promote a product through Shortsey, how do I do this?

Via our partner sign-up page, a webshop is required.

How do I delete my data?

Via the settings you can reset the app, after which you can immediately enter all data again, just like when you first opened the app.
PAY ATTENTION! This will cause you to lose all favorites you have saved in the webshop.

I would like to speak to someone from Shortsey!

From our contact page you can contact us via our email ([email protected]), live chat or by phone.

What is a package?

When you want to promote a product through Shortsey, one of the methods is to promote a product through a package. Here you can buy a package and link it to one or more products. Package costs depend on how many clicks you want, as soon as a visitor clicks on your product in the webshop, this will be deducted from your package. When your clicks are almost empty, you will receive a notification, then you can choose to upgrade your package.

I don't have a webshop, can I still promote a product via Shortsey?

Unfortunately it is not possible at the moment, because we currently only generate traffic to websites.

Is Shortsey free?

Yes, Shortsey is 100% free to use. This is because we earn money because our users buy products via Shortsey on the webshop of our partners. Or when web shops buy packages from Shortsey to promote a product.